CNSRV Affiliate Program

What is the CNSRV Affiliate Program? 

The CNSRV Affiliate Program is for people that love the CNSRV brand and want to share it with their followers! We're looking for people who are passionate about conservation and the outdoors to help grow our brand and support our mission to give back to public lands. 

Ok, that sounds cool. But what are the perks? 

  • Get paid to refer customers!
    • By signing up through this link as a CNSRV Affiliate, you will be paid back 15% of every sale made through your referral link.
  • Affiliate only coupon code -  If accepted as an affiliate, you'll receive a special discount code for all personal purchases from our shop!

I'm digging it so far! What would be my responsibilities? 

  • Follow on all of your social channels: Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.
  • Post your personalized link in your social media bio or in your LinkTree, share your link in your stories, or shout it from the mountaintops! Whatever's your style, we're here for it!

Sounds rad! Where do I apply?

We thank you for your interest! You can fill out our application here.




Do I have to purchase an item in order to be a brand affiliate?

*No, you do not have to make a purchase. We just ask that when we share content that you love, that you engage with us on our social channels and share that content with your friends**.

How should your content be shared?

**Sharing our post to your stories and tagging, sharing our Facebook post to your feed, and if you do purchase using the Brand Affiliate discount code, we ask that you share the product(s) you received on your feed and tag us.

Do I have to have both a Facebook and an Instagram account to be eligible?

No, you only have to have a Facebook account OR an Instagram account to be eligible.